In the body proteins are functioning parts of the cells in our body. A protein’s shape determines its function. Sulfate helps to keep the proteins shape intact. In this day and age there is an increasing knowledge to the public about protein shape because of diseases like Mad Cow Disease. The disease is because of prions and how they unravel proteins, which makes them useless. Without life threatening diseases, there are normal every day things that can happen to the body’s proteins that cause them to unravel. Sulfate helps in this to right the wrong.

• What it does: it helps to make hair, nails and skin

• Good Sources: food and water

• What happens if you consume too much of it: nothing has been reported

• How much is too much: there is no level of too much made from the DRI committee

• What happens if you don’t consume enough: unknown

• Daily Requirement Intake: because it is found in food and water we obtain the amounts needed for survival

This information can be found in any nutrition text book or on the National Institute of Health Website. This is only a basic description of vitamins and the amounts needed for an average adult diet of 2,000 calories. Some vitamins and foods may react with your body when on certain medications. Always consult your doctor before starting any supplements or diet. For further information consult with your Physician or a Registered Dietitian. Your way to excellent health starts with you.