Hula Hooping Fitness is Sweeping the Nation

If you are looking for great cardio workout and are tired of the same old dance routines then Hula Hoop exercise may be for you. A new type of working out and staying in shape while running your core constantly with enjoyable fun is Hula Hooping classes that have popped up in most major gyms across the United States. This new style of work out has been mostly geared towards Women and Children but is just as effective as any major work out class. In fact the rate of stay in these classes is close up to 80 percent mainly because of how mush fun the classes are. Taking dance and Hula Hooping to a whole new level while keeping your body fit.

A major company that is really extreme about Hula Hoop Fitness is BodyHoops a company that offers tons of different size, color, and weight Hula Hoops. Not only that they offer DVD’s for the home work out, and classes that will allow you to become a certified Hula Hoop trainer. Body Hoops really has become the number one source of Hula Hooping Excersie equipment

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