Hives Common Remedy

What it is: Hives are a raised itchy area on the skin that shows a sign of an allergic reaction. They can occur anywhere on the body and can also be any size or shape.

Treatment: Hives since they are caused by histamines in the body can go away on their own in a few hours, move to different areas on the body, flare up go away then come back. Hives are not a medical emergency but do keep an eye out for other more serious symptoms of an allergic reaction. Hives can be treated with anti itch treatments to help with the itching until they go away on their own. The best treatment is since hives are caused by histamines, anti histamines will help to oppose the histamines that are causing the hives. Always take as directed. If your hives are more intense your doctor can prescribe a stronger anti histamine.

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