Connor Doran on Americas Got Talent Flys Kite with Epilepsy


One of the Finalist on Americas Got Talent  who came back for the wild card voting race was Connor Doran who developed Epilepsy at a young age but that never stopped him from his passion of flying kites. He has become an inspiration to everyone who has the illness and has even remarked that he has never been really social but even on National Television the indoor kite flying has really calmed his nerves, just like in his daily life. Even his mother remarked when the young man wanted to go on Americas Got Talent she said she rolled her eyes thinking it was an impossible dream, she has now changed her thinking and on AGT show commented she will never doubt her son or anyone ever again.

Epilepsy is a nervous system disorder that starts in the central nervous system of the body and can cause loss of consciousness, convulsions, or Epileptic seizures. This disorder is not curable currently and there are many people born with the disease that have no hope of living a regular life.

Connor Doran has become and incredible inspiration for people with this disorder and we hope he brings extreme awareness to the disorder.

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