Acne Common Remedy

Acne What it is: Common acne does not affect only teens. Adults up to 40 years old can have an outbreak as well. It is caused by the oil glands that produce the oils in our skin that protects it from the natural environment. When the pore is blocked, sometimes by our own skin cells) acne can develop. Food is not a causing factor as some parents will tell their children. Dirt, stress, hormones, and cosmetics play a little to no part in developing acne.

Treatments: There are many different over the counter treatments for acne. Basic things you can do is to open up the pores. Wash the affected area with warm water, while using a mild facial soap. Exfoliating cleansers help to unblock clogged pores and peel away the outer layer of skin. There are products such as benzol peroxide that helps kill the bacteria in the clogged pores but can cause an allergic in some people. If you have severe acne a consult with your doctor can be your best option. They can prescribe medications that can help reduce the cause of acne.

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