Always have Fluoride! Remember being in grade school and getting those fluoride treatments in class. Fluoride is best known for tooth strength and fighting cavities. In today’s toothpastes our requirements are met. Small children can be given fluoride supplements from their dentists so that their teeth can develop strong enamel and can fight plaque better than people who never had fluoride supplements

• What it does: strengthens teeth and bones

• Good Sources: fluoridated water, toothpaste

• What happens if you consume too much of it: discolors your teeth

• How much is too much: more than 10 mg/day

• What happens if you don’t consume enough: dental decay

• Daily Requirement Intake: 3 mg/day

This information can be found in any nutrition text book or on the National Institute of Health Website. This is only a basic description of vitamins and the amounts needed for an average adult diet of 2,000 calories. Some vitamins and foods may react with your body when on certain medications. Always consult your doctor before starting any supplements or diet. For further information consult with your Physician or a Registered Dietitian. Your way to excellent health starts with you.