Chromium is an important mineral helps to regulate and sugar in the blood. Insulin is the body’s little doorway into the cell for sugar. Sugar is the body’s energy. Now that doesn’t mean go and eat a dozen donuts. The body still has limits. But food converts into sugar and is stored until the body needs it. Chromium is all a part of this system. Research however supports that diabetes cannot be prevented or controlled by taking chromium

• What it does: regulates and releases energy from glucose with insulin

• Good Sources: whole grains, liver , nuts , cheese

• What happens if you consume too much of it: supplements are ill advised, but can cause skin eruptions

• How much is too much: through unprocessed foods there is no maximum

• What happens if you don’t consume enough: abnormal glucose metabolism

• Daily Requirement Intake: at least 50 ug/day

This information can be found in any nutrition text book or on the National Institute of Health Website. This is only a basic description of vitamins and the amounts needed for an average adult diet of 2,000 calories. Some vitamins and foods may react with your body when on certain medications. Always consult your doctor before starting any supplements or diet. For further information consult with your Physician or a Registered Dietitian. Your way to excellent health starts with you.