Start Small to Get Healthy

Right now the United States of America is the most obese country in the world. Most of that has to do with entertainment being a sit down on the couch thing, and with technology it is easier to do things with out extra physical effort. There are a few things everyone can do to make them more healthy, cut weight, and manage their own destiny by these few simple tips.

A strong mind equals a strong body so here is where the extra effort needs to start. A lot of people now a days have a long list of things that need to be done around the house, at work, even visit family. To start this new healthy life you need to be absolutely strong in mind. Drive yourself to do the thing you need to do or always wanted to do. Make a pact with yourself that every time you want to do these things you do it right away and push through laziness and weak minded dullness. For example just about everyone has something in their home they need to clean, reorganize, or a hobby that needs work. Force yourself to do these things right away and do not get lazy about it focus on it to be perfect. If it is as simple as cleaning leaves from the yard, rake it all up and if you miss a patch remember to be perfect and do it now and then and never leave a job undone this will focus your mind to complete everything you do. The most important words that I have heard in my life was “Whatever you do in life always follow through”. At first when you try this technique you will will find that you will want to quit right away but push through it, and just like any exercise soon it will become second nature, and if you are already this way, then great! You are already ahead of the curb.

Once you mind is in sync anytime you need to travel take the route that will allow you the most exercise. For example instead of taking the elevator, take the stairs. Or instead of waiting for the closest parking spot for shopping select the farthest away (great thing about this is that you can park in an open spot with no other cars around you to dent up your paint job), and walk away. If you have a dog or cat, walk it everyday instead of letting your animal feel lethargic. How about visiting old friends in different cities and making them show you around their neck of the woods this way you get another dose of waling exercise while learning their surroundings. If you have children take them out and play outside with them, I am positive they have some games that will wear anyone out right away and burn calories like a furnes.

Something brand new that has hit the fitness industry is to concentrate outside of your confort zone by using your opposite side of your body to do things. If you are right handed, concentrate on opening doors with your left hand, or before you walk try to use the other fot you would normally use. This technique has proven to stimulate the other half of your brain that you are not dependant on and byt forcing your body to move in its opposite direction can actually burn more calories then if you use your regular motions. And there are few rumors that since you are forcing yourself to use the opposite side of your brain, you may accelerate thinking processes.

But again the most important thing is to force your self to do things a little harder to keep your body more healthy.

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