Neck Pain Common Remedy

What it is: Neck pain can come from injury, strain, spasms in the neck muscles, or swelling of the neck joints. Nerves from the spinal column branch out of the spine including your neck. Some neck pain can also radiate into the arms as well because of way the nerves branch into the body. Any pressure from inflammation or muscle contraction can cause the nerves to send a pain signal to the brain to say “Something isn’t right here”.

Treatment: Unless there is degeneration in the neck joints, herniated disks, or arthritis most neck pain can be treated easily to relieve pain. Relaxing spasm muscles with heat and ice packs, and stretching, can help relieve the pain. Massage is another way to help relieve pain. Anti inflammatory medications are another way to help relieve pain. Always take as directed. Your doctor can perform trigger point injections to relax intense spasms, and can diagnose if there is a more in depth problem that is causing your pain.

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