Lose Weight with the Bowlox Diet! Everything in a Bowl, nothing in a Box.

If you want to loose weight a large part of failing weight loss could be over eating, that’s why we have developed the Bowlox Diet, the combination of 3 meals a day but no larger than a regular 6 inch cereal bowl filled with food to the brim, and eat nothing out of a box. Yes, the Bowlox diet is just a jamming of words meaning everything in a Bowl, and nothing in a box.

First lets start with nothing out of a bag or box, most foods Americans eat now a days come in a box, whether it’s Hamburger Helper, Cake, Potato Chips, TV Dinners, and more. The real deal is that most foods processed and packaged are not good for you, with preservatives, high sodium, or high fats. But food companies make these items seem cheap, when in actuality they are the same costs as fresh vegetables, fruits, and meats. The main difference is, other than poor health resources, is that unfortunately fresh foods will spoil if not used, and a preservative ridden box will probably out last cockroaches.

But if you really think about it, if you go with the no box part of the diet, by going to the store more often you will exercise more, heck maybe you can even park your car as far away as possible and make a 20 min to 30 min workout out of the situation.

As for the Bowl part of the Diet you can eat anything you want (As long as you follow the no box or bag part) as long as you eat 3 meals a day, Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner in a regular 6 inch bowl. You can fit all of your essentials into one bowl, you can have rice, beans, and up to almost a pound of chicken in one bowl. And the real trick is not to cheat by piling up food in the bowl, or in laments terms you should be able to scrape the top of the bowl with food in it, and nothing should spill out, and please do not get creative and develop some new Pyramid of food. With 3 square meals a day and just enough food to fill your stomach you can still eat great foods with out starving your self or eating cardboard tasting health food (Which are in a box by the way).

You can also have 2 snacks between meals, and we suggest “A” fruit. How about an apple or banana.

Also get educated in your fresh foods, maybe if you are feeling tired, knotted up, or even specific ailments, certain foods can help with the vitamins and minerals that these fresh foods provide.

For some people who read this article, they will say this is common sense, but hey you would be surprised how many have not though of this technique.

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