Headache Common Remedy

What is it: Headaches are a very common ailment and you can get them from almost anything. Not enough sleep, too much heat, not enough water or food, stress levels, etc. It can also range in intensity from a dull throb to a piercing pain.

Treatment: With this there are different kinds of treatments for the different causes. If you are tired, then get more rest. If you’re dehydrated, then drink fluids. If your blood sugar level is too low, eat something. Many of us have high stress levels and headaches are a common occurance. If you don’t have a lot of time than a 15 minute relaxing time can be a great way to relieve a stress headache. Just find a quiet place turn out the lights and try to clear your mind. Concentrate on just breathing slowly. A cool cloth on your head can also help quite a bit as well. As always over the counter pain relievers are available and should be taken as directed. Consult your physician if the pain gets worse, doesn’t go away after a long period of time, or there are also other symptoms accompanying like memory loss, slurred speech, numbness or tingling, and facial drooping.

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