Cough Common Remedy

What it is: A cough is the body’s own way of expelling a foreign material or too much mucus out of the lungs and airway. There are two types of coughs, productive and non productive. Productive can be right after a cold or virus and can sound croupy. It is just the lungs expelling that excess mucus and should not be suppressed. Nonproductive coughs are a dry sounding cough. They both have many causes but is the same in purpose.

Treatment: Drink plenty of fluids. It can help sooth an irritated throat. Some people find that honey in hot water, tea, or lemon juice helps. ***Never feed a baby, younger than a year old, honey. Cough drops can also help sooth your throat. There are over the counter expectorants that can help with a productive cough. Ask your pharmacist what would be the best choice for you. Your physician can also prescribe something to help if needed.

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