Cancer Common Remedy

What it is: Without having to get a PHD in microbiology or becoming a physician here is the bottom line. Cancer is a mutated cell that is over produced. Everything in us is made from cells. (Remember 5th grade health class) Most cells self replicate into identical cells(mitosis). If something goes wrong in the replication a mutation occurs. What should happen is that mutated cell should self destruct to prevent mass production (apoptosis). However sometimes this doesn’t happen and a tumor can form. Some tumors are non-life threatening (benign) and some are cancerous. Besides exposure to toxic, or radioactive materials and heredity most causes for cancer are unknown.

Treatment: Early diagnosis can be the life saver. What does this mean? Visit your doctor on a regular basis, whether it be for your yearly exam if you are relatively healthy, or as needed if you have other health problems. Discuss anything out of the ordinary, and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

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