Can McDonalds Get Anymore Unhealthy with Video Games?

The McDonalds fast food chain has always been on target when it comes to unhealthy living, but now they have taken a step further into being the death dealer of obesity in the United States. Many Mcdonalds are changing their play rooms into free video game arcades which is a perfect move for business in which it causes family and children to stay inside of the fast food restaurant longer and inevitably purchase more than the daily diet is required. But how this effects the children is now not only to they crave the toys that McDonalds offers but now a free arcade.

This is kind of a slap in the face for Steve Easterbrook, the chief executive of McDonalds UK who in January of 2008 said that McDonalds is not to blame for obesity but that Video Games are more to blame for the life style it causes for people to be more lethargic to do anything else.

In reality neither one is to really blame, it really falls upon the individual and the lifestyle they create for themselves and it is the responsibility of parents and adult individuals to eat at McDonalds and play video games, or even watch TV in moderation. But more and more societies are taking the easy way out and letting their self control get the better of them.

But in our opinion, even though it is good business…. REALLY MCDONALDS… REALLY..!? THIS IS OUT OF CONTROL!!!

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