Allergies Common Remedy

What it is: It is an abnormal response of your immune system to a usually harmless substance in the environment whether it be inhaled, ingested, or an insect sting or bite. Allergic reactions can vary from itchy watery eyes and congestion, to skin rashes, to a severe anaphylactic reaction. Every immune system is different from person to person.

Treatments: For sinus congestion, the best thing to do is to keep your nasal passages and membranes moist. For home remedies use a humidifier to keep the nasal passage moist. Also nasal saline drops may help. Over the counter allergy medications may also help to relieve the symptoms. Always take medication as directed. Your physician may also prescribe you something if you suffer symptoms on a daily basis. For itchy watery eyes, you can wash your eyes out with clean water. Be sure to consult your doctor for further eye treatments. For a mild rash there are over the counter ointments to relieve the itching. Ask your local pharmacist what would work best. For any severe reactions call your doctor immediately. Food allergies can be more life threatening. Each person should know there limits on what should and should not be eaten. Parents, keep a watchful eye on children when introducing them to a new food. Always consult your doctor immediately if you notice any wheezing or breathing problems, or swelling out of the ordinary.

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